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Children's Probiotics

Probiotics for Kids of All Ages!

Jarrow Formulas's probiotics for children came in a variety of forms (drops, powder, chewable tablets) and provide beneficial strains for infants, babies, and children.*

Digestive Health

Innovating Multi-Strain probiotics For Digestive Health Since 1986

For 30 years, Jarrow Formulas's probiotics have featured multi-strain formulations that contain clinically documented strains shown to have maximum effectiveness for digestive health.*

Dophilus EPS ®

The Enhanced Probiotic SystemTM

Saccharomyces Boulardii

Beneficial Probiotic Yeast That Helps Support Intestinal Health*

Saccharomyces boulardii contains a probiotic yeast that survives stomach acid and delivers benefits to the intestinal tract that help protect and maintain normal interstinal microflora.*


With 5 Probiotic Strains!

Pet Dophilus® is a high quality, multi-strain, synbiotic probiotic supplement that promotes intestinal health and immune function in pets.*

Just For Women

Clinically Studied Probiotics for Women

Jarrow Formulas's probiotics for women contain clinically studied strains that have been scientifically demonstrated to address specific feminine health needs.*


Colonizing Microbes and
Women's Health

From a biological point of view, human evolution is a story of co-evolution with microbes. At birth, our bodies begin to get colonized by complex communities of microbes. They colonize our skin, mouth, our digestive, vaginal, and respiratory tracts.  While these various communities are composed of a vast array of species, there are constant interaction with other members of the microbial community (microflora, microbiota, or microbiome) as well as with the human host. When in a state of equilibrium, microbial communities play an important role in the promotion of health and well-being. 

What Types of Microbes are Found in
Women's Vaginal Microflora?

The vaginal microflora is composed of various beneficial bacterial species, but also, some potentially undesirable bacterial and yeast species. Current knowledge reveals that the vaginal microflora is dominated by Lactobacilli species in approximately 70% of women. Research has also shown that high Lactobacilli numbers have been associated with a state of equilibrium in the vagina. The dominant Lactobacilli species most frequently present in the vagina are L. crispatus, L. gasseri, and L. jensenii. The vaginal microflora of most women are dominated by either one of these four species. Other Lactobacilli species such as L. rhamnosus, L. salivarius and L. plantarum are also generally present.

Lactobacilli For A More
Balanced Microflora*

Lactobacilli produce lactic acid and help keep the vaginal environment somewhat acidic. The production of lactic acid, along with other substances such as hydrogen peroxide (H202), have the effect to keep undesirable microbes from becoming dominant. The dominant presence of Lactobacilli creates an environment that fosters a more balanced microflora and a healthy vaginal ecosystem.

Diminished lactobacilli, elevated vaginal pH, reduced H202, and antibiotic use can result in recurrent microbial imbalance.* When this ecosystem experiences a disruption due to overgrowth of undesirable microbes and causes an imbalance of microflora, unpleasant and inconvenient experiences may result.

Not All Strains Are the Same

The Difference Between Strains Within The
Same Species

Researchers conduct years of studies on strains before one is selected for probiotic use. It is important to know that within any given species, such as L. rhamnosus, there are many commercially available strains. These strains are identified by designations such as R0011, LBV 96, or LGG that appear right after the species name. For example, L. rhamnosus GR-1 is a strain that is specific to the L. rhamnosus genus/species. The strains belonging to a given species share many common characteristics but also may display characteristics variations. For example, some strains might produce lactic acid more than others. Others strains produce hydrogen peroxide while other strains in the species do not.

Even different strains within the same species can have disparate effects. This is similar to how two breeds of dogs, such as a chihuahua and a pit bull, can be members of the same species yet be very different. It’s important to know what specific strains your probiotic products contain.

THE Probiotic for Women's Health*

When choosing an effective probiotic for women’s health, clinically documented strains matter.™

Jarro-Dophilus® Women contains the prevalent and dominant Lactobacilli species of healthy vaginal microbiota – L. crispatus LbV 88, L. jensenii LbV 116, L. gasseri LbV 150N and L. rhamnosus LbV 96 – that have been clinically tested and are covered by European and US patents (EP 2,509,610; US Patent 8,846,027).*

All four strains were originally isolated from the vaginal tracts of pregnant women and are the dominant lactobacilli of healthy vaginal microbiota. They have been scientifically documented for efficacy in helping maintain protective, healthy vaginal microflora and promote urinary tract health.* Further, L. crispatus LbV 88, L. jensenii LbV 116, L. gasseri LbV 150N and L. rhamnosus LbV 96 help acidify the vagina by producing lactic acid and H202, lowering vaginal pH to promote a healthier microbial environment.*

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