Formulated with B. infantis

Jarro-Dophilus® Infant drops contain Bifidobacterium longum subsp. infantis M-63, a superior, scientifically documented strain of the dominant intestinal species (B. infantis) found in digestive system of infants. Clinical studies have demonstrated that the B. infantis M-63 strain helps establish a healthy microbiota in infants and young children.*

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B. Infantis:
Product Highlights

  • Most infants born in the U.S. lack B. infantis
  • B. infantis is needed to maximize the health benefits of breast milk (during early development)*
  • B. infantis is the only bacteria able to use all breast milk HMOs*
  • The M-63 strain of B. infantis has been clinically shown to colonize the infant gut*
  • Patent pending formula with MCT oil and calcium phosphate for improved dispersibility

Helping Your Baby Grow

The First Few Months Are the Most Important

B. infantis is a key probiotic that supports early growth and development.* It’s the only probiotic strain that utilizes all the complex sugars in breast milk, releasing critical nutrients during digestion that support brain, immune, and gut health.* Nourish your newborn and help maximize the health benefits of breast milk with every feeding.*

Jarro-Dophilus® Infant is an easy way to restore B. Infantis to the infant gut as nature intended.

Bifidobacterium longum subspecies infantis (B. Infantis) has co-evolved with human milk to optimally support growth, development, and protection of the breastfed infant*. The increase in C-sections, antibiotic usage and formula feeding has led to its absence in infants throughout the developed world in the last century. There has also been a substantial rise in allergies and other conditions related to immune function, linked to lower levels of beneficial bacteria in the infant gut compared to infants in areas where the infant gut microbiome has not changed.

A Probiotic Formulated Specifically For Infant Health*

Jarro-Dophilus® Infant is formulated with B. Infantis M-63, clinically shown to efficiently colonize the infant gut with oral use.* B. Infantis is the only type of bacteria able to use all human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs) in breast milk to outcompete all other bacteria in the breastfed infant gut and dominate the gut microbiome.*

The patent-pending formulation is shelf stable and designed for easy application, either in breast milk, formula or directly onto the mother’s nipple during feeding. The formula is a suspension in MCT oil (medium-chain triglycerides), a fat naturally found in breast milk, and calcium phosphate, the form of calcium in breast milk.

Jarro-Dophilus® Infant helps restore the natural microbiota of the infant’s gut with B. Infantis ensuring that development occurs naturally.*

What Role Does
B. Infantis Play in Infant Development?

Bacterial colonization of the infant gut occurs during a critical period of development (e.g., intestinal, immune, brain) with potential life-long influence on health. Mom is the main source of bacteria for colonization of her newborn and breastfeeding primarily contributes to the development of the gut microbiota.

B. Infantis is the key colonizer during this time.

Large amounts of free Human Milk Ogliosaccharides (HMOs) in human milk promote an ideal dietary niche for B. Infantis colonization, which limits their use by the wrong bacteria.* B. Infantis colonization is needed to release the full benefits of HMOs, such as sialic acid for brain development, and acetic acid to limit the growth of undesirable bacteria and enhance gut barrier function.

B. Infantis is Associated With:

Improved growth*

Improved gut maturation*, gut membrane integrity*

Enhanced immune development (vaccine responsiveness)*

Increased levels of beneficial Bifidobacteria*

Reduced levels of undesirable bacteria*

What Role Do HMOs Play in the Microbiome?

Human milk is rich in unique, complex sugars also known as HMOs; over 200 have been identified. They are the third largest component after lactose and fat, yet are not utilized by the infant as they are indigestible. Their primary function is to promote the growth of select, beneficial bacteria, mainly Bifidobacteria, and particularly B. Infantis. HMOs selectively promote the growth of beneficial bacteria to limit levels of undesirable bacteria.

Strains Matter™

Strain designation is important for identifying the specific probiotic in a product, the benefits of the probiotic, and what the count should be. A strain identifier is a unique letter and number code that follows the genus (Bifidobacterium) and species (infantis). Typically, looking up a strain in or a general search engine will bring up all the studies associated with it.

Avoid probiotics that are not strain identified; their effectiveness cannot be assured. Think of it this way, asking for Bifidobacterium infantis is asking for a health professional (doctor, nurse, nutritionist, etc.), while Bifidobacteria infantis M-63 is asking for a pediatrician.

† Ratings based on results of the 2019 Survey of Supplement Users. More information at

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